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Backwell School is keen to promote community cohesion.  Strong links are not only to be found at a local level where the school is very involved with the local community and local primary schools, but also at an international level where students have a wide understanding of both international and British multicultural issues.

The school's facilities are used for a wide variety of uses in the evenings and at weekends.  In addition to the many local sport and performing arts organisations who regularly use the school, local groups such as Backwell Environment Trust and The Wildlife Wardens also hold their meetings at the school.

Backwell School is linked with Angereb School in Ethiopia and regularly raises money to send to the school to update its very basic facilities.  Over the years staff, students and ex-sixth form students have travelled to the Gondar region, visited the school and volunteered with Link Ethiopia.

Backwell School was also involved in the Zakhele Group's visit in June 2013,  June 2015 and again in March 2019.  This performance group of young people from South Africa spent six weeks in North Somerset visiting many of the primary and secondary schools.  The group spent two days at Backwell School  and their visit culminated in a concert in the Colston Hall with performances from the Zakhele group alongside Backwell School students. 

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