Statement on the Youth for Climate Strike 

Bristol UK Youth ‘Climate Strike’ – Friday 28 February 2020


As you may be aware, a ‘climate strike’ is being proposed in central Bristol this Friday, to be attended by Greta Thunberg.


This is a difficult issue to balance for us here at Backwell School and the other schools within the LSP Trust.  We agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment of such action and are fully supportive of students being active participants on important issues, such as climate change, which will have a significant impact on their lives. Greta Thunberg has been a very influential figure in this movement, and an inspiration for many young people.


However, the notion of a student ‘strike’ on a school day is inevitably problematic for schools. We hold a strong position on the attendance of students at school to ensure the continuity of education.  Therefore to sanction a day’s absence from school would be contradictory to that position. We also have a duty of care to safeguard all students in our care, and there are no guarantees as to the level of supervision, by the police or other authorities, at the event.


Should you choose to allow your child to attend this event, whilst understanding that the absence will be unauthorised, we do ask that you inform the school of your child's absence via the normal channel: by emailing


As a school, we ensure that issues relating to climate change are studied through our Geography, Science and PSHE curricula. We are working with our students on a number in initiatives regarding the environment including a project using eco-bricks, pen recycling and reducing plastic in our canteens. 


I appreciate your support on this matter.


Mr J Nunes


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