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Catering at Backwell School

All catering at Backwell School is provided by Aspens.

They specialise in providing catering for schools and are passionate about serving fresh, high quality and locally sourced food that is freshly cooked in our school kitchens daily. They use British, Red Tractor Farm Assured meat, fish from sustainable sources, free-range eggs and locally sourced fruit and vegetables; fresh fruit and vegetables from A David, fresh meat and dairy from Lye Cross Farm and our bakery items  from Pullins' Bakery. These are just a few of the local suppliers used to create menus and food on offer to all at Backwell.

​Menus and Price Lists

Should your child have any questions about the food or specific dietary requirements they can speak to the canteen staff.

Current menus in the main dining room, House Blocks/Quad Pod and Sixth Form Common Room can be found by clicking on the links below:

  • World Kitchen - Main menu served in the main dining room  (a plated meal).  Available to all students. 
  • SK Street Food Kitchen - Served in the House Blocks and Quad Pod (take-away). Available to students in Years 9, 10 and 11
  • Social Kitchen - Served in the Sixth Form Common Room.  Only available to Sixth Form students.

If you want to find out more about Aspens you can visit their website.

Aspens @ Backwell School Price List (until January 2022).

Theme Day - Monday 24 January 2022 ... A Taste of Italy

Packed Lunches

Students are welcome to bring a packed lunch into school if they do not want to use the catering services on offer.  We would, however, request that when packing snacks or lunch boxes for your child(ren), you refrain from including nuts.  Whilst we appreciate that they are a healthy and nutritious snack, we do have students who suffer from serious nut allergies and the presence of nuts in the environment can cause an allergic reaction.  Obviously many products contain, or may contain nuts, these pose a much smaller risk to those with allergies ... so it is whole or pure nut products that we would ask you to avoid sending in with your child.  Your cooperation in this matter is much appreciated.  

Cashless Catering

As part of this we operate a cashless catering system, which provides us with an efficient, fast and ultimately better quality of service.

The cashless system operates using a biometric reader whereby an individual account is created for each student, using their thumb or finger as a means of identification.  Please be assured that this information remains within the school and that the biometric information taken is an algorithm and not an actual finger print and is only compatible with the Cashless System.   The advantage of this system means that there is no need for students to carry a card as the system recognises their thumb or finger at the tills and eliminates the need for students to bring cash to school. 

​Parents can add money on to their child's catering account using Parent Pay.

​There is a default maximum spend for each child of £5.00 per day.  Should you wish to increase or decrease this amount please contact our Finance Office,, who can facilitate this for you.

​Please note should your child not have sufficient funds on their catering account to make a purchase Aspens do not offer an overdraft facility. Should this situation arise your child will always be provided with something to eat at lunchtime that day. The cost of this will be taken out of their account once it has been topped up via Parent Pay.

​Cashless catering FAQs

​Data Protection Information