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Online Safety

Internet Safety

Parents are becoming increasingly concerned over their children's safety and time spent on the internet, and phones can be a particular concern in this respect.  PAPAYA (Parents Against Phone Addiction in Young Adolescents) have a very interesting website which parents may find very useful.  'PAPAYA is about promoting wellness and improved mental health in adolescents by helping young people re-balance with technology'.

​You can access the PAPAYA website by clicking on the link below:

​​Despite regular reminders and support from staff in school, we still have situations where students put themselves at risk by their online behaviour and it is vital that regular dialogue happens at home to support children. Recent national stories about the dangers of 'live streaming' through apps such as 'Omeagle' and 'Periscope' have been addressed through assemblies and we continue to warn students about apps that allow anonymous feedback, which can therefore be used for online bullying, such as Sarahah. The Student Council has set up a safeguarding sub committee and we have two sixth form students who represent the school on the North Somerset's Safeguarding Children Board (NSSCB) youth section.

​Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you become aware of websites or apps that you consider to be of concern.

Resources for online safety

UK Safer Internet Centre: online safety tips, advice and resources to help children and young people stay safe online.

National Online Safety: advice for parents, children and teachers on helping young people stay safe online. Handy 'fact sheets' about apps and online platforms.

Childrens' Commissioner: Guidance on talking to your child about online sexual harassment.

The NSPCC has lots of advice and guidance, including information on the age limits for certain apps and online games. 

Parents may wish to set parental controls on devices within your household. The following outlines how to restrict content on Android and Apple devices. 


To restrict explicit content and content ratings:

Go to Settings and tap Screen Time

Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions, then tap Content Restrictions

Choose the settings you want for each feature or setting under Allowed Store Content

More information can be found here:,Go%20to%20Settings%20%3E%20Screen%20Time.,Websites%20or%20Allowed%20Websites%20Only.



Firstly prevent children from downloading apps, games and other web resources that are not appropriate for their age:

From Google Play Store icon from the app list on child’s device.

Click Settings

Choose Parental controls

Turn on parental controls and provide a password, don't share with your child

And then you can set restrictions based on age rates for each category


Secondly enable safe search from Google Chrome:

Tap the Chrome icon in the app list

Press the three dots sign it the upper right corner

Then choose Settings in the new window

Choose Privacy subcategory under Advanced section

Enable Safe Browsing in the next window

More information can be found here:,need%20to%20open%20%27Settings%27.&text=After%20doing%20that%20you%20will,control%20settings%20for%20this%20account.