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In the Sixth Form our students make the transition to the world of Higher Education and employment.  Therefore, it is important that we help our students develop more responsibility for their studies.  However, we know that our students also require our support and monitoring in order to achieve their best.  Therefore, at Backwell Sixth Form there is a gradual process of giving more independence to students.  Sixth form students, of course, have responsibilities too as part of the whole Backwell community, including younger students, staff, parents and neighbours.​

Full details can be found below in the Sixth Form Handbook.  Some of the most important points to note are as follows:​

The school day is from 8.45 am to 3.10 pm.  Year 12 students are required to be in school all day, even during their study periods, where they can work in the Library or one of the 'free rooms' listed for that purpose.  Year 13 students are usually granted full ‘Home Study’ as long as they have good records of attendance and punctuality in Year 12.  ‘Home Study’ means students can agree times when they spend their study periods at home.​

Attendance at tutor sessions and assemblies is compulsory for all sixth form students.  Vital information and guidance is given out in these sessions.​

There is no formal uniform in the Sixth Form, but dress must be appropriate for an 11 - 18 school.  Further guidance on this and other useful information can be found in the Sixth Form Handbook.