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September 2021 Onwards

This page outlines key systems and arrangements at Backwell School from September 2021 onwards.

The past academic saw a number of changes due to COVID-19 so this summarises what is staying in place, and other things that may change as we begin this new academic year.

Our Parents' Handbook contains lots of information about the school.

Please click on each section below to find out more about each topic.

The School Day

The School Day runs 8.45am - 3.10pm.

The exact timings of the school day are:

The Library is open from 8.00am for students to use should they arrive on the school site before 8.45am. The Library is also open after school: Monday - Thursday until 4.30pm and  Friday until 3.30pm.

Students will continue to have dedicated social areas within the school to help create a supportive and collegiate atmosphere between the year group. Students will be informed of the canteen and social spaces available to them at the start of September.

Students must report to Student Services to sign out of school if they need to leave before 3.10 pm.  Students will only be permitted to leave the school premises with written notification from parents.  Parents must collect their child from Student Services if you are collecting your child to attend an appointment during school hours. If your child returns to school after their appointment, they will need to sign back in at Student Services.

Unless urgent, please refrain from dropping forgotten items into your child during the school day. If something urgent does need to be given to your child please drop this into Reception clearly labelled with your child's name and tutor group.

Mobile phones - should be off and in bags from arrival on site until 3.10pm. Students found with phones on/using them will have their mobile phones confiscated. If you need to contact your child during the school day please contact Reception. We politely request that you do not respond to your child should they reach out to you in the school day - if there is a problem or an emergency a member of the school office will contact you


Our Uniform Expectations and Guidance can be found on the dedicated uniform page of our website. 

From September students will wear their school uniform every day of the week. On days on which they have PE they will need to bring their PE kit with them to change into as the changing rooms will be back in use. 

Travelling to and from School

Coach Transport to School - organised by North Somerset Council
  • For those living in Yatton, Cleeve, Claverham and others outlying areas of our catchment area will have their transport to school organised by North Somerset Council.
  • North Somerset Council will be in contact directly with families with bus passes, bus stops and collection times during the summer holidays.
  • Your child must bring their bus pass with them each day, and MUST use their allocated bus. This means they cannot catch a different bus home to go to a friends house for example.
  • Please note that face masks MUST be worn on coach transport to school. This will continue from September and this decision has been made by North Somerset Council.
Coach Transport to School - organised by Backwell School
  • The School has organised parent funded coach to school for those living in Long Ashton and Bristol (the application process for this took place in June 2021).
  • Mr Middleton has already contacted parents with information relating to their applications and details on collection points and times and payment schedules.
  • Please note that face masks MUST be worn on coach transport to school, in line with North Somerset Council Guidance. 
  • A seating plan will be in place which must be followed and students must have their bus pass at all times.
Late Bus
  • A late bus will run Monday-Thursday for those who use coaches to get to school to travel home after taking part in clubs or after-school activities. 
  • The bus will depart from school at 4.40pm and will cover Yatton, Cleeve, Claverham, Long Ashton and Bristol (Winterstoke Road and then onto Bedminster Down).
  • Students will need to show their usual bus pass to access this service and sign in on the late bus itself.
Pedestrians – those who travel to school on foot
  • Students are encouraged to walk to school where possible. This will ease traffic in the local area and demand on public transport.
  • Parents should speak to their children about road safety prior to them walking to school.
  • To limit footfall on Station Road students walking to school via the A370 should use the pedestrian gates alongside the leisure centre to enter the school site.
  • Students are encouraged to cycle to school where possible.
  • Cyclists must ensure they bring a cycle lock to school and wear a helmet whilst on their bike.
  • All students coming from the A370 should use the pedestrian gate next to the leisure centre to enter the school site.
Pick up and drop off by car
  • Cars will not be allowed on site to drop off or collect students. North Somerset Council will be applying traffic enforcement measures on Meadow Close and many of the roads leading off Station Road.
  • Parents must not use the Backwell Leisure Centre car park for collecting and dropping off their children.
  • Parents must also be mindful of residents in the local area, please do not park in neighbouring roads to collect your child. Local residents will contact the police if parked vehicles are causing an obstruction or nuisance and you will be liable for a fine if you break traffic enforcement restrictions.
Public Transport
  • If you choose to transport your child to school via public transport please ensure you check the latest timetables as they may have changed.
  • All students on public transport will need to follow COVID-19 guidance relating to face coverings on public transport at time of travel.
Sixth Form Students
  • There are a few car parking spaces for Sixth Form students on the school site. Students will need to speak to the Sixth Form Office about applying for a permit to use these spaces. 
  • If your child is driving to school, but not parking on site, they need to park safely and respectfully if they are using residential roads surrounding the school.

COVID-19 Related Information

Government Guidance for Schools from Step 4 (19 July 2021) can be found here.

Testing and Symptoms
  • Should your child display any symptoms of Coronavirus please do not send them into school, and take them for a PCR test. 
  • If your child has a positive COVID-19 test results they will need to isolate for 10 dates as per NHS guidance. Please email to report any periods of self-isolation. Work will be set for them on Frog.
  • If your child has been identified as a close contact of a positive case, by NHS Test and Trace, they will need to undertake a PCR test. Your child DOES NOT need to self-isolate whilst awaiting for the result of this test. If it is positive they will need to isolate as per NHS guidance. Work will be set for them on Frog.

Regular, twice a week, testing at home is encouraged until at least the end of September. If your child has a positive LFT results please report this immediately to the NHS. You will also need to inform the school by emailing They should NOT attend school until the result of the follow PCR test is known.

UPDATE: 15 October 2021

Public Health England (PHE) have been in touch with us and have issued the following advice for Backwell School students:

  • Pupils in Years 8 and 9, for the final week of this term, should undertake DAILY at-home-testing using lateral flow tests. This is due to the higher number of cases in these cohorts.
  • Students in other year groups should continue to test twice a week.
  • Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 should book a PCR test and remain off school until this result is received.
  • Twice a week at-home-testing is encouraged for all and should continue through half term and into Term 2.
COVID-19 measures on the School Site 

We do still have a risk assessment in place for mitigations in relation to COVID-19. 

Key things to note are:

  • Identification of close contacts will remain with NHS Test and Trace. Those identified as close contacts of a confirmed positive case will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace to take a PCR test.
  • Self-isolation will only apply to those who test positive for COVID-19 and/or have symptoms of coronavirus.
  • Regular twice weekly at home testing using lateral flow devices is strongly encouraged.
  • Ventilation, hand hygiene measures and enhanced cleaning will remain in place
  • School trips, including those abroad can be booked and organised
  • Face coverings will not be required on the school site BUT WILL be required on coach transport to and from school.

The School is required to have a contingency plan in place, should we need to reintroduce some COVID-19 mitigations (for example face coverings) should there be an outbreak in the local area. We will upload these plans here once finalised. 

Remote Learning

As a school we wish to encourage and support students with their studies, if they are well enough to do so, during a period of isolation following the results of a positive COVID-19 PCR test.

Positive COVID-19 students, in all year groups, will have work set for them by their class teachers via Frog. Your child should check Frog and their school email regularly to access this work, which will mirror what is happening in the classroom.

Your child is also able to ‘listen in’ to the classroom using MS Teams should they so wish. They simply need to join the lesson on Teams, as per their timetable, and their teacher will turn on audio to the classroom. Please note this is audio only (so your child does not need their camera on). Teachers will do their best to feedback/communicate with any students listening via Teams where possible throughout the lesson.

Full participation in some subjects may be limited due to specialist tasks/equipment (for example PE, performing arts etc.) so students should check Frog for tasks set by their teachers they can complete for these lessons.

Therefore if your child tests positive for COVID-19 please confirm this to us as quickly as possible by emailing Please let us now the date the positive result was received and final day of isolation for your child. This will allow us to get the above set up for your child as swiftly as possible and within 24 hours of notification (during the school week).

COVID-19 vaccinations for children aged 12-15

The Government have announced that children aged 12-15 will be offered one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

We are awaiting further details from the Government and local School Immunisation Team on when, where and how this will take place for Backwell School students.

The NHS have published leaflets on COVID-19 vaccines for children.

COVID-19 vaccinations for children aged 16 and 17

16 and 17 year olds have already being offered a vaccination through the adult vaccination system; The NHS will contact 16 and 17 year olds when it’s their turn to get the vaccine, and they will be invited to a local NHS service such as a GP surgery. Additionally, some walk-in COVID-19 vaccination sites are offering the vaccine to people aged 16 and 17 years.